Meet the Team
Meet the Oshin Team

Meet the Team

Welcome to our “Meet the Team” blog .

At Oshin Organics, we are passionate about crafting organic beauty products that celebrate the rich biodiversity of Papua New Guinea. Our team is a diverse group of dedicated professionals who bring their unique skills and deep love for natural beauty to every product we create.

In this series, we will introduce you to the talented individuals behind our brand. From our skilled production manager who sources the finest local ingredients to our support team. Each team member plays a crucial role in our mission to deliver pure, effective, and eco-friendly products.

Join us as we share the stories, expertise, and inspirations of the people who make Oshin Organics special. We believe that knowing the faces and hearts behind our brand will enhance your experience with our products and connect you more deeply to our commitment to sustainability and natural beauty.


Meet Ernestine

Ernestine Kong, Founder and Owner

At the helm of Oshin Organics, Ernestine Kong is blending tradition and innovation to create a new era in sustainable beauty. Our founders goal is to lead the South West Pacific in creating and distributing sustainable, organic coconut oil products, focusing on health and beauty solutions that exceed global expectations. Her commitment to quality and sustainability is reshaping how the world views the ‘tree of life’ – the coconut.

Ernestine embodies the brand’s motto, “Give Yourself Time”. Her leadership style is a balance of professional drive and personal well-being. She actively nurtures her team, engages with the local community, and champions sustainable practices with a grace that reflects her commitment to global wellness.

Ernestine Kong’s story is not just about business success; it’s about creating a harmonious balance between business acumen and environmental and social consciousness. She stands as a beacon of inspiration, paving the way for future generations in the world of sustainable beauty and health.

Meisy Edmunds, Head Office Manager at Oshin Organics

Since joining Oshin Organics in 2017, Meisy Edmunds has been dedicated to overseeing office administration, managing accounts and payroll, liaising with clients, and spearheading staff training initiatives. Her role allows her to meet and engage with new clients, upholding the company’s commitment to excellent service.

Meisy joined the Oshin team directly from school as an apprentice and trained on the job, gaining hands-on experience in business management. This unique opportunity has empowered her to grow personally and professionally, helping her thrive as a manager. Her passion for marketing in Papua New Guinea, coupled with a strong belief in the benefits of Oshin Organics’ natural skin care products, drives her to excel in her role.

In her spare time, Meisy enjoys singing gospel and country music, which allows her to unwind and express her creativity.

Thank you, Meisy, for everything you do.



Sandra Johnson, Production Manager at Oshin Organics.

Sandra has excelled in her role since the company’s inception in 2015. Sandra demonstrated remarkable aptitude and enthusiasm for the industry after being trained in soap making. Her dedication and intelligence quickly became evident, leading to her pivotal role in the company. Sandra is responsible for the production of a wide range of products, including lip balms, scrubs, perfumes, and balms. Additionally, she plays a key role in training new staff, ensuring they uphold the high standards of quality and ethics that Oshin Organics is known for. Her integrity and work ethic make her a trusted confidante within the organization.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Sandra is a devoted mother and grandmother. She is also an astute market seller, known for her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.


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