Our History

Our History

Oshin Organics was founded in 2015 as ‘MaxtoneHaus’, named in honour of the co-founder and late fiancé of the company’s Director, Ernestine Kong.

We relaunched as ‘Oshin Organics’ in 2018, in preparation for releasing our products to a global market. ‘Oshin’ was chosen as a play on the word ‘ocean’, symbolic of our location in the tranquil islands of Papua New Guinea, where organic coconuts grow wild and the sun shines on crystal blue waters.

Oshin Organics currently has teams in Kimbe and Port Moresby, PNG, as well as Canberra and Brisbane, Australia. Our ingredients are ethically and locally sourced in Papua New Guinea, providing employment and training opportunities for people in the local community.

The Oshin Organics team continues the work of the original MaxtoneHaus brand, passionately creating skincare and health products made from the natural goodness of coconuts. We aim to promote a worldwide community of love, health and wellbeing, and have adopted the motto “Give Yourself Time”, encouraging our customers to slow down, breathe and nurture themselves and each other.

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