We are now selling at new york dog wash!!

We are now selling at new york dog wash!!

Oshin Organics Petcare products: Dog Shampoo Soaps and Fly and Insect Repellent

Our Fly and Insect Repellent is a gentle, effective natural moisturiser for our fur babies.

Designed to repel fleas, flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects on dogs, horses, cattle, and their surrounds.

Simply spray on the fur massaging into their body avoiding their face.

Our Dog Shampoo Soaps are made from natural coconut oil keeping your dogs’ skin and fur clean and healthy. You can choose from two lovely fragrances – ‘Pure and Natural’ and ‘Herb’. Both soaps lather beautifully, conditions fur and cleans open wounds and scratches.

Coconut soap is gentle and soothing for your pet, and the environment. Leaving their fur smooth, clean, and fresh. 

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